Apeloig Collection

Apeloig Acrylic Oil Menorah

A chic acrylic oil menorah that brings joy throughout the year? Yes! Once Chanukkah is over, your Apeloig Collection menorah transforms into a stylish flower vase to be enjoyed year-round. A true statement piece, Apeloig Collecion’s latest creation showcases our love of contemporary design and our mission to honor Jewish heritage.
Customize the placement of the shamash!  The oil lamp menorah's shamash is a removable acrylic piece that can be placed in the center, on the left holder, or left off entirely.
When ready for use as a flower vase, simply remove the metal cups and store them in the beautiful storage box.  Fill each hole ¾ full of water and arrange with flowers of your choice. We love using it as a centerpiece for Shabbat dinner.
- Material: Acrylic
- Dimensions: W 13.5'' x H 4'' x D 1.5''
- Designed for use with oil cup – not wax – candles
- Oil Cup Candles not included 

* For Some Colors, Please Allow 15 to 20 Days for Shipping *

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