Ebon - Vase Black Medium


Ebon is a collection by Claesson Koivisto Rune based on the concept of interaction between the designer’s style and the glassblower’s expertise. Each vase is unique, with an irregular shape and individual appearance. The glowing glass, gravitational force and the glassmaker’s expertise determine the final appearance of each object. Depending on light conditions, and due to the deep-black glass, Ebon can be either highly mirror-reflective or almost a black hole in design-conscious settings.

Key Features:
• Beautiful together – to entice the purchase of both sizes.
• Each object is unique in shape and size.
• Functions equally well as an interior design object as well as a vase
for flowers.
• Handmade and Mouth-blown in Kosta, Sweden.

H: 7.48
W: 11.42
* Please Allow 15 to 20 Days for Shipping *

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