Anna New York

Casca - Bowl Gold


The Casca Gemstone Bowl is known for making chocolates, mints, nuts, (and even skittles) look good. We carve them from the most premium semi-precious gemstones, thought to bring calmness to your home, and add pure silver and 24k gold on the edges. Each bowl is completely unique.

  • 24k Gold-Plated Gemstones, Crystal, Natural Agate, Rose Quartz, Smoke Agate, Indigo
  • Made in Brazil
  • Each bowl is unique in color, shape and pattern
  • Hand wash with mild soap and damp soft cloth.
  • Approx. 6” D x 1.5” H / 15 D cm x 4 H cm
    * Please Allow 15 to 20 Days for Shipping *

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