Table Setting Diagram

Setting the table is an art, whether it is for something informal or intimate to something more formal, when you set the table you allow yourself to do it in a way that invites you to enjoy the moment, something you must enjoy and the result will be great because It will be an invitation for you and those who share the table with you to have a pleasant and memorable time. Setting the table in the proper way and striving to create art on the table should not only be when we have guests or a special event, you must also do it for yourself, to enjoy yourself at home and make a normal meal something more special.

Enjoy while setting your table!
  • Placemats

Shall we start with the basics, tablecloth or placemats? It is the first thing you should choose, be it one or the other, they must be always well cleaned and ironed. Today there are so many beautiful placemats alternatives that you can wear them on any occasion.

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  • Cutlery

Remember that the forks go on the left side of the plate and the knives to the right, always with the edge in. The dessert spoon goes on top of the main dish always facing left, they are arranged in order of size or in the sequence of how we are going to need them and if you need the soup spoon, you should place it after the knives.

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  • Plates

We will arrange the plates according to the food: the largest for the main dish, beneath, and then, on top, the smallest, which is generally used for the first course. If you are going to use charger plates, remember to remove it when serving dessert.

  • Bread & Butter plate

If we are going to put this plate, it should always go to the level of the goblets, but on the left side.

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  • Goblets

If the occasion is a formal dinner, you should at least put two goblets on the table: one for water and the other one for wine. The glass of water is placed to the left of the wine glass, if the occasion warrants it and you are going to put red and white wine the order is that the red goes next to the water and then the white comes, if instead, you are going to finish with champagne, you always put the glass last after the wine. 

  • Napkin

Usually, the napkin is placed to the left of the plate or on top of it.

  • Centerpiece or flowers

This is the most fun part, you can play with different pieces with or without flowers, if you are going to put flowers try not to be tall, so that everyone can see the faces while sharing at the table.

It also depends on what you celebrate, you can decorate your table according to the occasion.

If you are going to place candles, you should only place them at night, never put candles or candlesticks during the day.

Additionally, remember that food is served on the left and removed on the right.


Always remember when you have guests that a well set and decorated table means that your guests matter to you, as a hostess it is important that you entertain your guests and that is always rewarded with the pleasant time they are going to share.



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