2021 Interior Design Trends

The ending of this decade was something entirely unprecedented. It has been a tough year, emotionally and physically. But at the same time, it has been a learning experience too. We have learned to value the little things in life, for example, your cute kitchen table or lamp! Let’s not let dampen the mood as a new year brings new hope. And, what better way to brighten the new year with a change of interior design? So, bring out those planners and journals of yours, because we are going to bring some changes to your home!

2020 and COVID-19 made us bring some major changes in our lives, including our home. It made us realize the importance and beauty of our homes as that’s where most of us spent our time in lockdown. For 2021, serenity with light tones along with a pop of cheerful colors is the theme. Bring cheerfulness in your lives by re-decorating, changing furniture and doing some good old DIY projects.



It seems as though with the bleak and boring masks, we need to incorporate some bright and dazzling colors into our lives in 2021! The need to bring cheerful colors is now more important than ever. Stylists say that they see a future of cheerful colors and designs this upcoming year. Patterns, swirls, and shocking colors are what we need for 2021. Combined with calm colors like pastels to create a home where we can relax, recharge and feel comfortable.

The pastels and bright flashes will complement the light tones of our furniture and decor, which brings us to our next point.




Along with making your house bright and lovely, we also make it warm and calming with light-toned woods. We need positivity and cheeriness this year, and so medium and dark woods will be replaced with light-toned woods. The rise of people's love for light-toned woods has been real, and stylists and designers are embracing it as their own. Asian culture has taken over the world. Their minimalistic style and light tones set the mood of positivity and optimism, and it is exactly what we need.


Scandinavian blonde or rustic light oak, and more like these have spread, and experts say that more of it will be seen in the upcoming year. This light-wood scenario creates a sense of Zen and serenity along with the bright wall or piece here and there will make your home a perfect mix of ongoing trends. Also, the fact that smaller, better quality, lightweight, and light-toned pieces make for an open and widely spaced area giving a liberating feeling.



We’re looking at handcrafted pieces that fill and decorate your house. It’s your representation of yourself on your tables, walls, rooms, and beds. The pandemic paved the way for the DIY-ers. It let them re-discover their creative side. In 2021, keep safe by decorating and rearranging by yourself and let that creativity out of its cage.



As time progresses, but the situation of the pandemic does not, people need the comfort and sense of calm among them. Relax and spread positivity but keep life fun and cheery with these trends. According to the DIY and light-toned trend, utilizing time to change the décor and design will calm the anxiety and give your space a personal and refined touch. Let’s implement the phrase: “new year, new me!”.



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